Gina wants me to use this thing more.  “So you can get in the habit, so that in the future, when we don’t live in the same building (or even the same country), I can know what’s going on in your life.”  She has a good point.  Not only would blogging let people know what’s going on in my head, it is probably a good way to develop discipline.  And clarify my own thoughts.


In an attempt to not be so darn long-winded, I shall set forth my current feelings about rainy days.  I do not like them.  They sap my motivation and energy.  Correction: cold rainy days do these things.  Warm rainy days are oodles of fun.  I like jumping in puddles like a little kid.  I haven’t done that in a while.  When it gets warmer…

It’s funny how little things like good weather, adequate amounts of sleep, tasty food, and the presence of loved ones can influence a person’s day.  I know such things make my day, make me feel much more optimistic about life.  I hope I shall never be without…and if I am, that I learn to cherish God’s hand in such bountiful blessings.


About rd734467

I am a seeker. A doer. An encourager. One who loves. One who longs to be loved. One who desperately yearns to make a difference in this world.
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One Response to Blogging

  1. Ashley says:

    Oh, I feel you on this! Sunny, warm days do wonders to lift my moods. It’s so odd that they do this. I think I had a mild case of SAD all winter…gray, blah, cold=not fun. This warm weather has me pumped, energized, ready to do things…but also has me feeling restless, antsy, wanting to fight…but fight what, I wonder? Maybe fight against the apathy that held me down all winter. I want to live life more fully. And of course, I want some fun best friend time when you come home!! 🙂

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