I am a person of extremes.

I am a hermit, or I am a social butterfly.  I am a model student, or I am negligent and inattentive.  I think that school is the best place to procure knowledge and truth, or a gathering of fallible humans simply professing the truth of their own opinions, and a complete waste of time.  At one moment I believe it is okay for me to eat anything I want and not be concerned; the next, I am engrossed with the intricacies of the health and nutrition of eat morsel I insert into my mouth.

Where is the moderation?

Granted, the above examples themselves are extreme, and many times I am prone to fall somewhere in the middle of them, but as I scrutinize myself, I observe the presence of these extremes.  This irks me, for I am of the opinion that in a great multitude of the topics and experiences of life, moderation is the key.  I would rather live my life in moderation between two extremes, rather than bouncing from one extreme to another (so that the sum of the bouncing averages out to “moderation”).

For example: I am terrible at fasting.  I know the proper reason for Irish Breadfasting (I think…at least, I know what I am supposed to do during a fast), but the inconsistent way in which I practice it, and the way I gorge myself after I have broken the fast is disappointing.  So I refuse myself the satisfaction of food to focus on God…and then I refuse the satisfaction of faithfulness to God to focus once again on food.  So disappointing.  So fleshly.  Jesus, this is why I need you.  I need your grace and mercies every day.  I cannot deny myself without you.

Hmm…I am not good at something.  I am not perfect.  Imagine that.  🙂  This means I have a reason to keep on living, to keep on trying things, to keep making mistakes and learning from them.  I have so much potential, so much room to grow!

I am not perfect.  But I follow one who is.  And herein lies my salvation.


About rd734467

I am a seeker. A doer. An encourager. One who loves. One who longs to be loved. One who desperately yearns to make a difference in this world.
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One Response to Extremes

  1. Ashley says:

    I’m even worse. I gave up popsicles for Lent, then decided on a bad day that Fudgsicles and Creamsicles, since not EXACTLY popsicles, didn’t count, and I could still eat them. And I’m still doing this. No joke: there is a huge box of creamsicles in my fridge. And my giving up popcorn? Well, I’ve stayed true to that…except for the popcorn that we still had in the house, since, of course, it would be bad economic policy to waste it…huge box of that in the cupboard is nearly gone, since I’ve had popcorn just about EVERY time I’ve watched a movie with friends at home in the past month or so (I’ve probably watched at least six or seven). 😉 Yup. I’m a sinner. Through and through. But I think God might be cracking a smile with me.

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