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Choosing Joy

Happiness is a choice.  Does that make joy – deep, abiding, life-giving joy – a choice as well? Our mood, our state of mind, is a set of tinted glasses through which we view our world.  Some of these glasses … Continue reading

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I love my Dad. Plain and simple. His patience, his wisdom, his strength, his advice…all of this points me to Someone even greater than he, if that is possible. And my father, in all his amazing qualities, is only a … Continue reading

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Sometimes, I have intense surges of emotions.  This usually happens when I am sitting alone in my room, but sometimes when my roommate is around.  Sometimes I have so many things to do, I cannot think straight.  Sometimes I have … Continue reading

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Something Irresistible

There is something irresistible about grace. No matter who you are, you find drawn to it, like plants to the sun or children to ice cream. You just cannot help yourself – it is that good. Last week, I was … Continue reading

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