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Note from God

“The secret to loving Me more is learning to love people more. Love My people, your brothers and sisters.  Love those who want nothing to do with Christ.  Friends and neighbors.  Strangers and enemies. Intentionally.  Love.  Love intentionally.” ~ the … Continue reading

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Passion.  Drive.  Ambition.  Fire.  Commitment. Passion – where does it come from?  Can I stir it up?  Can I snuff it out? What is this thing people call drive?  How do I cultivate it?

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The Moment

What is it about a moment that is so powerful? In a moment, choices are made.  Boundaries crossed or enforced.  Love demonstrated or withheld.  Connections made or missed.  One moment can change a person’s life.  Sacrifice.  Death.  Pregnancy.  Forgiveness.  A … Continue reading

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Critique and Motion

The Church. Western Christianity. Contemporary Christendom. Synonymous terms, in some people’s minds.  But the Church is so much bigger than our Western way of doing Christianity, so much humbler and servant minded than an empire of the cross. I am … Continue reading

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The Psychology of Experience

More and more, I am coming to believe that people are inevitably influenced by their experiences. My study of psychology at university (that makes me sound important, doesn’t it?) is one of the main reasons I think this.  If nothing … Continue reading

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I love this time of year. For whatever reason, this Christmas season I have been acutely more aware and appreciative everything I love about this season.  The wind whipping around me and weaseling its way down the slightest crevices and … Continue reading

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