The Moment

What is it about a moment that is so powerful?

In a moment, choices are made.  Boundaries crossed or enforced.  Love demonstrated or withheld.  Connections made or missed.  One moment can change a person’s life.  Sacrifice.  Death.  Pregnancy.  Forgiveness.  A chance for new life.
Mercy.  Vengeance.  Grace.  Salvation.

So many moments seem inconsequential.  Sitting in a dorm room, working on a paper for hours…a paper that will never see the light of day after the professor reviews it.  Mindlessly watching a movie for the fifth time.  Reading a book, any book, just to read it.  Playing a card game with people you barely know, and never seeing those people again.

What is it about a moment that makes it special?  That makes it significant, that makes it count?  Mindfulness.  Mindfulness of what is important, of why you are doing what you do.  It’s when you simply go with the flow, do not think, do not pause to reflect, that trouble sneaks in the back door, or the sacredness of the moment is lost.  Emotion.  Emotions, pleasant, disturbing, or otherwise, make a moment significant, make it stand out.  A feeling of contentment, of affection (brotherly/sisterly or romantic), of love, of hate, of pain, of loss, of sadness, of excitement, of confidence.  Any and all of these make the moments of life worth living.

What is it about being in the moment that is so powerful?  Why are people unable to “say no”?  Why is it our wills can be so weak…or so strong?  Why is intentionally being present in the moment so momentous? (pardon the pun)  I have heard living in the moment described both positively – being present to the people you’re with, giving of yourself to them, paying attention to God’s leading, etc. –  and negatively – letting your emotions and passions and desires rule you, not thinking rationally, etc.  It seems this would be where wisdom and discernment come in handy.

It would seem God would want us to live in the moment more than not.  The name of God in the Old Testament is YHWH, or I AM.  A God of the present.  Jesus said not to worry about tomorrow, about food, clothes, drink, or provision.  He instructed his disciples not to take anything with them when they set out, to rely on others to provide for them.  Our Lord, God, and Savior is with us always, even unto the end of the age…which means he is with us now.  In this moment.  That is what makes each moment powerful and exceptional – Jesus moves in it.


About rd734467

I am a seeker. A doer. An encourager. One who loves. One who longs to be loved. One who desperately yearns to make a difference in this world.
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