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Complicated Christianity

We as humans are very dense.  It seems to me that throughout our lives, throughout history and the records we have of it, God is continually trying to pound into our brains the same simple messages. I AM God. I … Continue reading

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Laughter and Tears

Catharsis occurs when we laugh and when we cry.   Especially in Western culture, the dam that holds emotion back (pride, stoicism, fear of judgment) is constructed higher and higher and higher as we attempt to remain calm, cool, collected, and … Continue reading

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Art as Life

I am recognizing more and more lately just how deeply I can be moved through the arts and creative expression.  Last semester, I discovered that I enjoy to paint (only when I don’t have an agenda, though…if I try to … Continue reading

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Rest – Round Two

This weekend was restorative.  Especially this Sunday.  Along with some of my dearest friends and peers, I spent time doing what I love – worshipping, praying, and spending time with good company. Gina and I went to the homeless shelter … Continue reading

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