The countdown is on: thirteen days until this phase of my life ends.  Thirteen days until I don funny looking regalia, including a cap, gown, and probably some other non-sensical adornments.  Thirteen days until I move on to the exciting possibilities of life as a non-student.  Thirteen days until I graduate from Spring Arbor University.

Everyone seems to be asking, “how does it feel?  Are you excited?”  I give them an honest, and probably typical answer.  “I’m happy to be done with school for a while, but I am going to miss this place, these people, this environment.”  I do not believe the reality of what will happen in less than two weeks has really settled in yet.  I do not feel a big sense of accomplishment right now, but hopefully I will when I walk across that stage.

I have enjoyed learning, in the classroom and outside it, even though it was slow and painful at times.  I have enormous appreciation for the people who have poured into my life during this time – peers, friends, mentors, teachers.  They have all helped form who I am today.  I will forever be indebted to them, to this place where my mind, spirit, and heart can grow and be challenged.  I will miss SAU.  To Spring Arbor, a place that provides peers who are on the same path of life as I am, and mentors who have passed this way before and willingly provide guidance – thank you.  You have changed my life forever.


About rd734467

I am a seeker. A doer. An encourager. One who loves. One who longs to be loved. One who desperately yearns to make a difference in this world.
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