Thirteen…Part Two

My last post was thirteen days until my collegiate graduation, one of the rites of passage of our culture.  A milestone, a door into a new phase of life, if you will.  I began that new stage of life (responsible adult with a job?) a short two days later, as I began my lifeguard training with other future Michindoh Conference Center lifeguards.  Ironically enough, that was last Monday, thirteen days ago.  I like noticing weird “coincidences” like that.

The last twenty six days were a whirlwind of activity.  I made my finishing days at Spring Arbor full, managing to work, finish off classes well, hang out, and enjoy myself.  I graduated on May 15, 2010, very proud of myself and my fellow graduates.  After all the festivities, I went out with my family for lunch to a little cafe in Jackson.  I was flying high on the clouds, and was boosted even higher by the gifts my family and best friend brought me – a very nice guitar, customized “best friend” vouchers, and jewelry.  Then I moved into my summer home at Michindoh conference center.  So exciting!

Lifeguard training began Monday.  We watched many minutes of cheesy videos that demonstrated what to do in different emergencies, and then would practice the lifeguarding, CPR, or first aid skills.  I was very excited to learn such practical skills that I knew I would be using right away (rather different from much of my schooling).  Some of the practice we did in the pool made me anxious, as I was not confident in my swimming or life-saving ability.  However, I did well, according to my instructor/boss, and I became accustomed to the lifeguarding position.

Lifeguard training lasted until Friday, but instead of staying for our final test on Friday, I went to Boston with my family for my grandma’s 80th birthday party.  She was very surprised, and had a good time, but got tired pretty easily.  If you would, pray for her – she is weak, and she may need to go into assisted living soon, which will be a difficult transition for such an independent woman.  I am glad we made the trip, rushed as it may have been – it was good to see her, the rest of my father’s siblings, and their families.  The trip was slightly awkward for my family, because where we were staying there was not much to do, other than shop and eat (which we did plenty of).  I bought some necessary items for the summer, and was excited to try good, authentic, east coast seafood.  I tried lobster, scallops, and clam for the first time, and they were good.  Too bad I don’t live by the sea…

Back at Michindoh early Tuesday morning for my second week of training, I began the week with few expectations.  Ron Kopicko would be proud.   The week exceeded any expectations I could have realistically had – as a lifeguard/support staff team, we went through most of the activities campers and guests at Michindoh may wish to do.  I missed training for the low ropes course and archery because I was in Boston, but I was present for training on the rock climbing wall, the riflery range, paintball, the nature center, the waterfront and beach house, building bonfires, setting up meeting rooms, and a host of other miscellaneous jobs which fall under my “support staff” role.  Our training week ended on Friday, but we will continue to learn on the job, obviously.  We worked a little bit on Friday and today in our official roles as lifeguards (yay!) at the beach and the slide.  We also blew up “the blob” today and tested it out.  Several of us flew.  I was “double blobbed” by two guys, and I gained serious air…and bit some serious water in an intense belly flop. Ouch.  What a first time blob experience!  Whoa.  Paintball was another activity which I had never done before, which resulted in pain, and which I am excited to do again!

Even after thirteen days of tiring busyness, I am expectant that this summer is going to be fantastic!  At this point in time, I have a couple of tiny cuts and splinters, sixteen bruises, and twenty-seven bug bites…and I’m loving it!  I love working where I can use my hands and the rest of my body to do my job, even when I may get hurt.  We’ll see what limits I can push this summer…


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I am a seeker. A doer. An encourager. One who loves. One who longs to be loved. One who desperately yearns to make a difference in this world.
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