Skittles and late night driving

More than once in my life I have heard people compare exhaustion and drunkenness.  Usually they say that the way you behave whenever you are extremely tired is how you will behave whenever you are drunk.  Most of the time, this comment is made in the context of driving behavior – when you drive tired, it is basically equivalent to driving drunk.  Based on the mood I was in last night while driving, I think that if I ever become drunk, it is going to be hilarious.

Context for the above comments: in the evening Sunday, I negotiated to have Monday and Tuesday off of work so I could go camping with my family in Ludington for a day and a half.  So, instead of leaving Monday morning and wasting half the day driving from Hillsdale to Ludington, I left as soon as possible after work.  Which was about 9:00pm, by the time I packed, got the soft top on my Jeep, and got gas.  I was already tired from a long weekend of working and not getting enough sleep, and the four hour drive was, all in all, pretty hilarious.  I did my best to sugar up slowly (Starburst and Crazy Cores Skittles!), get some caffeine in my system, and listen to upbeat music.  I called my dad several times for directions and to update him on where I was.  I worshipped, I prayed, I laughed quite a bit at myself and at some of the thoughts that came into my head.  Such as the following:

I do not believe that the fruit flavored candy (such as Skittles and Starburst) actually tastes like the fruit it is supposed to.  There is a big difference between the fake sugar version of strawberry and the real, fleshy, fresh off the vine fruit.  The flavors may be vaguely similar, but basically, candy companies are way off in the taste department.  The only flavor that fairly represents, in my opinion, the real food it is imitating is the cherry lemonade Skittle.  The other flavors are mostly sugar, combined with who knows what other flavors.  Is there even such a real blue raspberry fruit?  Or is that just the creation of candy companies?  I should get a bunch of sugary, fruit flavored candy and compare the same flavors of different candies (i.e., see how similar all the strawberry flavored candy tastes).

Such are the workings of my sleep-deprived brain at 12:30am.

Hope that was as enjoyable to read and contemplate for you as it was for me the first time!


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I am a seeker. A doer. An encourager. One who loves. One who longs to be loved. One who desperately yearns to make a difference in this world.
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