Thunder and Lightning

Brilliance!  Intensity!  Speed!  Power!  Glory!




One dark night about a week ago, I continued a long journey home after visiting a good friend,Anika, at Michindoh.  Our time together was a blessing.

A walk around the lake in the drizzle, sharing the last few weeks of our lives.  I chuckled and marveled at how uncannily similar our personalities are, though our life circumstances of late are vastly different.

A drive about Hillsdale and Jonesville, in search of a cup of Joe and the elusive Dead Poet’s Society. Joe was at McDonalds, and we spent some time with him there.  The dead poets we found in a corner of Family Video.  Silly poets – should you not be holed up in a study, or a library, or a dreary cave, to read and write your poetry?  Video stores are quite distracting.

God appointed this friendship is!

God.  After my refreshing time with Anika, I began the journey back to my home.  I tried to find a radio station to pass the time, but before long my eyes and attention were drawn away from the set and the music by dazzling flashes which illuminated the pitch countryside.

“Wow,” was my thought at the first.


“Wow…” again.  My mind turned to a scene from the Bible



“Wow!”  I rolled down my window.  “If this is but a taste of the glory and majesty around your throne God…”  Could I hear the thunder?  What a foretaste of His glory!

“…how great You are!  WOW!”


About rd734467

I am a seeker. A doer. An encourager. One who loves. One who longs to be loved. One who desperately yearns to make a difference in this world.
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