April 11, 2011

Part of a journal entry I made on this date.

“God…wow.  You are SO BIG.  And I am so small.  And that is what makes all the difference!  You, Almighty Creator of the whole world, of the sun, of a million suns, of billions of galaxies; You, who spoke a word and light came to be; You, who know my most intimate thoughts about myself, about my life, about the people I see; You, who know every delight of my life – music, acoustic guitar, dark chocolate, the countryside, exploring the woods, observing creatures and critters, reading compelling literature, drinking sugary coffee, spending time joking, laughing, and gaming with my best friends, of simply talking to strangers and hearing their story; You, who know how repulsed I am with pride (in others and myself), war and violence, the typical way of doing church, unhealthy habits, fat or lack of tone in bodies, the American dream/lifestyle, hypocrisy (again, in others and then myself – hypocrite!), condemnation (hypocrite here again…); You, who see all the good and bad potential of each and every person in the world, and who loves each of us perfectly…You are God!

You, the enthroned one on high, above the heavens, You gave up Your glory and power and knowledge and became a man, a creature of flesh and bones, of this earth, and walked this sod.  You ate and drank, slept and woke, peed and pooped, probably threw up, who cried, got angry, embarrassed, laughed, felt affections for your earthly family.  You worked the ground, worked with wood, carried burdens, helped in building things, swam in the Jordan or other lakes.  You, who unlikely enough, without earthly training began to teach about God and Scripture, gathering followers, performing miracles of healing, of supernatural knowledge, of forgiveness and transformation of human hearts.  You who chose to carry the intense burden of physical and spiritual torture, were crucified on a cross, laid in a tomb once dead, and rose again in glory!  Ha…after you ascended to heaven, You sent Your Holy Spirit to Your followers to empower them to perform signs and miracles, to tell the story/news of your life and death and resurrection, and to further drive back the kingdom of darkness.  Your followers and Spirit have continued to do this throughout history.  And, though this description is long, You transcend it by a million times…wow!  WOW!  What a God.”

About rd734467

I am a seeker. A doer. An encourager. One who loves. One who longs to be loved. One who desperately yearns to make a difference in this world.
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