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Body Language

A young woman stands, shoulders back, arms relaxed at her side, head turned at a slight angle. Her eyes set, her feet planted. She breathes deeply, and exhales. Her posture remains unaltered, her eyes continue to gaze ahead. She wears … Continue reading

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The Moment

What is it about a moment that is so powerful? In a moment, choices are made.  Boundaries crossed or enforced.  Love demonstrated or withheld.  Connections made or missed.  One moment can change a person’s life.  Sacrifice.  Death.  Pregnancy.  Forgiveness.  A … Continue reading

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Choosing Joy

Happiness is a choice.  Does that make joy – deep, abiding, life-giving joy – a choice as well? Our mood, our state of mind, is a set of tinted glasses through which we view our world.  Some of these glasses … Continue reading

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